How to install CyanogenMod

The CyanogenMod, installation, firmware

Tired of the tablet or smartphone firmware default? Do you want to install CyanogenMod on your Android smartphone, but do not know how? Read our instructions.

Installation Instructions CyanogenMod

  • Please enable USB debugging;

    root, how to usb debug

  • download CyanogenMod installer for Android on your mobile device and download CyanogenMOD installer for Windows (working with Windwows XP / 7/8/10) on your computer;
  • Launch the app on your Android APK and follow our instructions;
  • Connect your device via the microUSB cable to the computer;
  • PC should find the connected device;
  • After that, start the firmware file and the download process required for its installation. It may take several minutes, depending on your internet connection speed. After the process is finished you will see a message "Everything is ready". This means that the firmware is ready for installation;


  • Push the button "Install" and wait. During installation, your device should reboot might not even one time. Do not interrupt the process, wait for the end;


  • When the Installation complete inscription can close all the programs and disconnect the device from the computer. Congratulations! Now you have the new firmware.

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