How to root access Google Pixel XL

How to root Google Pixel XL

Now we will look at how to get root access on Google Pixel XL free sms subscriptions and do not lose a lot of time. root right will help you unleash the full potential of the device. Androidgoroot and Article How to root Google Pixel XL It tells you how to do it with a computer without it.

Root rights on Android

This super user rights in the Android operating system (in other words, it elevated privileges). You can delete your unwanted systemic application disable ads in applications, manage hardware, CPU overclocking, and changing the clock frequency, stop any services, including system and much more.

Worth more familiar

How to root Google Pixel XL

We found 2 ways of working become root on Google Pixel XL smartphone, both ways "rutiruyut" device via the PC program. It Kingo and Rootkhp.

Root rights through Rootkhp program 1.6

How to root Google Pixel XL


  1. Download the program Rootkhp details about this relatively new program is written, review in
  2. Connect your phone to a PC
  3. The program runs without installation
  4. Click on the orange Root button and wait for messages that work has begun


    How to root Google Pixel XL


  5. We are waiting for 10 minutes and a message saying that everything is ready
    How to root Google Pixel XL


Root through Kingo program

  • download program KingoRoot on computer
  • Install and run
  • Enable USB debugging on your mobile device

    How to root Google Pixel XL


  • Connect the tablet to the computer via the microUSB cable (better certainly original wire)
  • Wait until the device Kingo see

    How to root Google Pixel XL

  • Tap Root button (at the bottom in the middle)

    How to root Google Pixel XL
    How to root Google Pixel XL
    How to root Google Pixel XL

  • Wait until the process is completed and the device is reset

Below is a video showing how to work with the program.


If you know how to install CyanogenMod firmware on Google Pixel XL. Or tried to install MIUI, Illusion ROMS, Paranoid Android, PAC ROM, AOKP for this model, share the information in the comments. The negative experience is also welcome.


Reviews of the smartphone Google Pixel XL (As is online chat)


  • Qualcomm processor, I like most everyone there Mediatek, since there are no problems with the launch of the application;
  • OS Android updates before anyone else – it’s Google;
  • Adequate price!
  • Great camera for photos no corners zamylenny
  • Android Nougat 7.1.


  • Too much similarity with the Iphone.

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