How to root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

Today we detail consider options for obtaining root access on Phicomm K390w. This is done to extend the functionality of Android smartphone or tablet. Site Androidrootmania in detail describe how to get root, you only need to read the instructions and see our video.

What is the root privileges?

This right administrator (root) system. More can be said that it is elevated privileges in the operating system android. With root privileges before you open up almost unlimited possibilities, such as overclocking the processor speed, improved performance, actions automation. Can reduce the Energy consumption (This happens when provided that you will not increase the clock frequency of the processor). A full list of features can be found at special page.

Instructions how to root Phicomm K390w

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to pay attention! If you’ve tried any of these methods, but not our version of the program and not for our instructions, do not write in the comments, that you could not get desired result.

If you have done everything according to the instructions and use the links on our program, but could not get root access, be sure to write in the comments information: your smartphone, Android version, the name of the program error that you receive. Members and the administration of the community Androidrootmania will be able to help you, and the more information you provide, the easier it will be to solve the problem! All successful day 🙂

Method 1 using RootKHP (I recommend this method, as the fastest and easiest)

  • Download the RootKHP to your computer and install;
  • In the setting of Android includes USB Debugging on Android;

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

  • Run RootKHP;
  • Click the orange button Root;
  • In 5 minutes if all successfully completed, obtain inscription Process sucessfull.

method 2 through oneclick kingo

Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

it is not necessary to take any special action.

Download the version of our kingo oneclick (link), Set up and press the button oneclickroot. If you have tried before, but you could not, then maybe you do not have that version of the program. Download our version of the program.

Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

method 3 through the regular version kingo

  • download program KingoRoot on computer
  • Enable USB debugging on your mobile device

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

  • Install and Kingo run

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

  • Connect your mobile device to a computer via microUSB cable
  • Wait a few seconds or a minute, until Kingo see your device

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

  • Tap Root button located in the center and wait for a few minutes

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)



  • Wait until the process is completed and the device is reset

In more detail the process of working with the program can be seen in the video.


Option Root Genius

  • Download the program Root Genius on computer;
  • Enable USB debugging on your device (USB Debugging – Information is available in the previous method) and connect it to your computer;

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)


Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

  • press "Root it"  and start the process;
Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)
To check whether you have received root watch the video.
To learn more details about how the program works, I recommend to watch
special video tutorial. And repeat the program on your device.

method 5 (Baiduroot)

  • Download the Baiduroot and see to the interface;

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)

  • Push the button "A key to get Root priviligies" and we look forward to a few minutes. Upon completion, you should see on the screen here is the picture I attached below, it means that everything went well;

    Get the root Phicomm K390w (Tutorial)


Additional useful information

Download the latest firmware for this device – click here.

How to install CyanogenMod on Phicomm K390w?

Would you like to install CyanogenMod firmware on your Android device? Read Fitting then algorithm.

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